A small church located along the GST Highway 95km from Chennai, India. Most of the people are Hindus who come here for looking for help to overcome the hardships they face in their day-to-day lives.

The roof, made of coconut leaves, was replaced in 2011 and now has reached the end of its lifespan of about two years. It has developed leaks due to the harsh weather breaking down the coconut leaves from the outside. Now they are looking for help to fix their roof and to find a long-term solution by putting a metal roof over the church.

If you would like to help this church you may write to us on the contact page or call us in India at 91+98401 93972.

Call us with your prayer requests. You will practically see the miraculous move of the Holy Spirit in your life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more in the About page.

Thank you very much.

Ach church insiide

Sunday Service inside the church hut.

Ach church outside

Outside view of the church in a hut. Going to the pond for baptism.

Ach baptism

Grandson & grandparents are baptized the same day.

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